Extra Helpings: Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

If pets could choose their favorite holiday, the Pioneer Animal Hospital team suspects that Thanksgiving would rank number one. Between the array of food and the carousel of guests and activity, turkey day is a dream come true for most hungry hounds and foodie felines. Unfortunately, without thoughtful planning, Thanksgiving festivities can also be a [...]

Pet Weight Management: Secrets to Success

We can apply much of what we know about people’s nutrition and weight to pets. However, myriad misinformation regarding pet foods and pet diets can make the issue seem overwhelming. Our Pioneer Animal Hospital team members are experts in pet nutrition and weight control strategies, and we use evidence-backed methods to help your pet reach [...]

But My Pet is Healthy! Why Every Pet Deserves a Wellness Screening

When you visit Pioneer Animal Hospital for your pet’s annual or bi-annual exam, you may be surprised that our team recommends wellness screening tests—especially when you’ve reported that your pet’s at-home behavior is normal and that you have no concerns.  Still, after examining your pet, your veterinarian announces that your pet seems in great physical [...]

10 Warning Signs Your Pet Needs Veterinary Care

Recognizing when your pet is ill is important to helping ensure they receive appropriate veterinary care. Our Pioneer Animal Hospital team believes the love you share with your pet is worthy of the best health care available, and we describe how to recognize the warning signs that indicate your pet needs veterinary attention. #1: Your [...]

Help, I’m Losing My Mind! Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

When you think about cognitive dysfunction, you may believe the condition is related to the adage about old dogs being unable to learn new tricks. However, your pet is more likely to forget what they’ve learned. Similar to Alzheimer’s disease in people, pets’ cognitive dysfunction affects their brain, leading to various behavioral changes. To learn [...]

Itching for Truth: 7 Reasons Why Your Pet Is Itchy

Nothing sounds louder than your pet’s incessant scratching, chewing, and licking. But, you’re not the only one losing sleep—itchy pets are miserable. Persistent irritation and itchiness can increase pet stress and anxiety, and lead to secondary problems such as infections and self-trauma.  Effective relief requires getting to the root of your pet’s itchiness. Fortunately, this [...]

8 Explanations for Eating or Drinking Changes in Pets

Pets thrive on routine, and when they start to eat or drink more or less, this can indicate an underlying health problem. If your pet exhibits any habit or behavior change, you should schedule a visit with our Pioneer Animal Hospital team so we can perform a thorough checkup and diagnostic testing to uncover your [...]

6 Essential Items for Pet-Proofing Your Home

Pet-proofing your home is essential for your furry pal’s safety—and the safety of your clothes, shoes, furniture, and most prized possessions. While you likely consider your home as being your safe haven, your abode may not be as safe for your pet as you think. However, after you thoroughly pet-proof your home, you will likely [...]

How Pet Owners Can Support Veterinary Mental Health

Every industry has its share of challenges, but the veterinary industry is considered one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing—and veterinary professionals are currently facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Veterinary professionals are often presumed to spend their days playing with cute puppies and kittens, but there’s another side that people don’t see [...]

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