Top 3 Questions About Puppy Socialization

You recently made the decision to welcome a puppy into your family, so you researched breeds, and asked your family, friends, and your veterinarian for advice. Now, you have fallen in love with the cutest little puppy. Before you bring them home, you purchase all of the puppy essentials, puppy-proof your home, and schedule their [...]

5 Back-to-School Pet Safety Tips

This time of year can get quite busy for families preparing to send their children back to school. There are school supplies to buy, back-to-school nights to attend, and, of course, a new routine to adjust to. As you dive into a new school year, our Pioneer Animal Hospital Team wants to help you avoid [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Heat Safety

Soaring temperatures and high humidity can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for pets. Our team at Pioneer Animal Hospital wants to help by answering some frequently asked questions about pet heat safety. Question: Why is heat so dangerous for pets? Answer: Pets have only a few sweat glands, mostly located in their footpads, and they [...]

8 Tips for the Adventuring Pet

Summer is a great time to expand your horizons through travel, and if your pet has an adventurous spirit, you may not want to leave them at home. Our team at Pioneer Animal Hospital wants to help by providing tips to ensure your next journey with your pet is safe and enjoyable. #1: Ensure your [...]

5 Common Behavior Problems and Solutions in Puppies

Welcoming a new puppy—an adorable, fun, furry ball of energy—into your home and family is a joy. But, from housetraining to socializing, many important training activities that must take place when you first bring a puppy home involve a lot of work. Still, these skills are essential for a well-mannered dog, and although behavior problems [...]

The Purr-Fect Pet: 5 Fun Facts About Cats

Domestic cats have been part of human history for thousands of years, yet we still have not demystified them. Cats can be entertaining and affectionate companions, and at the same time, aloof and distant roommates. Your Pioneer Animal Hospital team are experts in your cat’s health, but research in cat behavior is lacking, so the [...]

6 Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs are pretty amazing creatures, and we continue to learn more about them all the time. Our Pioneer Animal Hospital team is here to share six of the most interesting dog facts that will leave you with a greater appreciation for your canine companion. #1: Dogs can sniff at the same time as they breathe [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Pet Dental Cleanings

Despite the fact that most oral health conditions in pets are preventable, dental disease affects 70% to 85% of pets by age 3. Like humans, pets develop plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to gum disease, inflammation, infections, and tooth loss, if left untreated. So, how can you help your pet defeat this prevalent [...]

COVID-19’s Influence on the Veterinary Profession

As COVID-19 vaccination numbers in our community increase, and the world attempts to return to normal, the pandemic continues to affect the veterinary profession. Our team at Pioneer Animal Hospital wants to explain how COVID-19 is influencing our workday so you can better understand why you may have to wait longer for your pet’s appointment. [...]

Postponing Prevention for Pets Provides Perks for Pesky Parasites

Many pet owners are tempted to postpone their pet’s parasite prevention program through the winter, but these pests can cause dangerous issues for your pet year-round. Our team at Pioneer Animal Hospital received input from some pesky parasites to explain why year-round parasite prevention is paramount to protect your pet. Ferdinand the flea’s feedback: “When [...]

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