Veterinary Services

Dual In-House Pet Laboratory

Experience unparalleled pet care with Pioneer Animal Hospital’s in-house laboratory. Swift diagnostics, tailored treatments, and proactive health insights ensure your pet receives the best.

Your pet’s best ally for proactive and personalized pet care

Pet laboratory services in Leavenworth, KS

An in-house pet laboratory serves as a crucial asset in providing swift and accurate diagnostic results for your cherished pet. The immediacy of these results ensures that any health issues are identified promptly, allowing for quicker decision-making on treatment plans. This streamlined process not only enables faster action but also allows us to tailor care specifically to your pet’s unique needs. With our in-house lab, we’re not just caring for pets; we’re caring smart, ensuring their well-being with efficiency and precision.

Clinical chemistry

Our clinical chemistry services, including the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, unveil the inner workings of your pet’s organs. It’s like a wellness checkup for their internal systems, guiding us to keep everything in perfect harmony.


Our hematology services act as your pet’s blood detective, delving into the intricacies of CBC and Blood Smear Analysis. These tests provide valuable insights into your pet’s blood health, offering a comprehensive look at their vitality and immunity. It’s like having a personalized guide to ensure your pet leads a healthy and happy life.


Urinalysis is like reading your pet’s liquid health diary. It helps us spot urinary tract issues and assess kidney function. With this info, we can keep their urinary system flowing smoothly and ensure they stay comfortable.


Microbiology is our pet-friendly detective agency, working on cultures and sensitivity testing. It helps us identify and combat those tiny troublemakers causing infections, ensuring your pet stays healthy and vibrant.

The in-house lab advantage

In a nutshell, our in-house pet laboratory is a key component of our veterinary team’s dedication to proactive and personalized pet care. Beyond speedy results, it’s about catching issues early, tailoring treatments, and ensuring your pet enjoys a vibrant and healthy life. It’s not just a lab; it’s a commitment to your pet’s lifelong well-being.